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More about the Camel Trail..!

The Camel Trail can easily be broken down into different stages if you don’t fancy cycling the whole length of the trail.



Why not try riding from Wadebridge to Padstow, Wadebridge to Bodmin,

or even Wadebridge to Wenford Bridge.



The trail is also a great place to take young children too, as it allows them to become more confident cyclists within this traffic free environment.


We have a variety of bikes & tag-alongs suitable for all ages.

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The name ‘Camel’ actually derives from the Cornish language for 'the crooked one'...which is basically a reference to its winding course.


Almost all of the route is traffic free - only a small part of the trail through Wadebridge is actually on roads and shared with normal traffic and it is suitable for walkers, cyclists and even horse riders.


The trail is also pretty much flat for the whole length and therefore also very suitable

for the disabled. The reason for it being flat is to do with it’s original use being designed as a rail track for distributing sand inland, therefore it needed to be free of sharp turns and steep inclines (the trail was originally commissioned by Sir William Molesworth in 1831).


Due to these attributes, the Camel Trail is a great place to take young children to allow them to become more confident in their cycling abilities!

Part of the Camel Estuary has been designated an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Not only is the scenery spectacular, especially on a clear day when the water and sky become azure blue, but the river also provides a habitat for a fantastic array of wildlife. Indeed, the Camel River and its tributaries have been made a Special Area of Conservation, in recognition of their biological diversity...!

Interactive Map of the Camel Trail

There are a number of great places to stop and take in the fresh air as the trail winds around this beautiful part of Cornwall. Starting at the Padstow end of the trail you have the Camel Estuary reaching the magnificent Atlantic ocean, as well as fantastic views out towards Rock located on the other side of the river.


Heading away from Padstow the trail runs right along the Camel River until you reach Wadebridge. From here the trail takes you through a lovely wooded section past Gaff Wood & Bishops Wood -  a great place to stop, relax and enjoy the scenery!


Onwards from here will take you to the small village of Boscarne. Again, this is another good place to stop and refuel if needed, although here you are also very close to Dunmere and a public house is also located there.




READ MORE on riding the trail from Wadebridge to Padstow, Wadebridge to Bodmin, or Wadebridge to Wenford Bridge.



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