Hire bikes for the Camel Trail with Bike Smart..!

Cycle Hire for the Camel Trail

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Tel: 01208 814 545     Email: info@bikesmart.eu

JULY 8 Sunset & Looe 001

Explore the tranquil trail...!

A great way to experience the Camel Trail during the peak summer months. Towards the evening the trail becomes a little quieter, so it's a good time for the less confident cyclist or for those nature lovers seeking a more tranquil experience.


Evening rides are available from 3.30pm until 8pm during summer - 7 days a week. As the hire period is not a full day, you also get a discounted rate on our bike hire fee's!


Call us on 01208 814 545 for more information or to book your bike.

Why not try an evening cycle ride on the Camel Trail..?

We close at 8.00pm, so please ensure all bikes are returned & checked in by this time.