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Cycle Hire for the Camel Trail

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Grey Heron

What you will see on the trail...!

There is quite a large variety of animals, birds and wild plants along the Camel Trail. As you would expect along an estuary like the Camel River, birds such as oystercatchers, sandpipers, kingfishers, whimbrels & many more. Larger birds like egrets, cormorants, mute swans & herons can be seen frequently, especially as the river starts to widen out a bit, and normally when the tide is low as they can wade along the mud flats looking for small fish, crayfish & even amphibians for their lunch.


Keep your eyes peeled overhead (safely of course - remember to look where you are going..!) for birds of prey like kestrels, buzzards and even peregrine falcons, which incidentally is the fastest member of the entire animal kingdom (they can reach speeds of up to 200mph when diving!).


In fact, the Camel Trail can be an excellent spot for birdwatchers visiting Cornwall, and you can expect to see at least 30+ species or more, even if you only spend a few hours on the trail. There are also plenty of nice spots along the trail where you can sit quietly and just soak up the relaxing ambience that this part of north Cornwall offers.


The air quality here, as you would expect of course, is excellent, so just sit back, get yourself comfortable and immerse yourself into nature whilst enjoying a cuppa or a spot of lunch.



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Wildlife & Plant species along the Camel Trail...